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Shopping local in your state of California is more important now than ever. Local communities are starving to get their local consumers back and is here to help. Using our directory you can find all your favorite local businesses as well as some you didn't even know existed. Our motto is shop local, sell local, stay local.

California is a market flooded with local businesses. As one of the country's largest markets with over a half a million locally owned businesses, shoppers in California surely have no fear of not being able to locate what they are looking for.

The only problem we see is the rising amount of web purchases consumers are making from this great state. With everything in your back yard, why are you making so many of your purchases online?

We'll tell you's because you think it's easier, cheaper and more convienent than jumping in your car and driving down the road to buy the exact same product or secure the exact same service. Don't feel bad. Every single state in the country is making the same assumption.

We're not saying that you can't find a good deal online. We aren't even saying you should stop buying products and services online. What we are saying is that 99% of the purchases you make online can be made in your backyard strenghtening your local community by keeping your purchases local.

Most smart consumers know that when you make a purchase over the internet, you are sending your hard earned money to a market that has no immediate benefit to your local community

We see it like this, if you work in or around your home town, pay taxes to your local community and do most of your daily life inside that community, why on Earth would you send your money to a business that would not also use that money to pay taxes, hire employees or even have the resources to volunteer for services needed in your local community? To us at, it just doesn't make any sense. has developed a very unique platform for you to be able to find local jobs, local businesses, local restaurants and local classified ads. To top that, we even added a method for all your favorite local businesses and restaurants to add coupons to their extremely affordable listing on our website. Help them save a tree by printing out their coupons off of our website. It's called going green.

You can also leave ratings and reviews for all of the listings you do business with. Let other consumers know how you felt about the service you received, how good the food was, or if the price was worth the service.

Give your local community a shot by shopping local. You did it before the internet, why not do it again and since you like the internet so much, use to find what you're looking for. A wise man once said "If everyone shopped in their local communities like they used to, they'd be able to find the same pricing for the same product or service no matter where they went". At, we totally agree.

California is going green.

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