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Adding or Editing your Coupons

This section will cover how you add and edit your coupons. The coupon module has the capabilities of actually imprinting the bar code onto the coupon the users print. This guarantees the authenticity of the coupon and where it came from. It also helps you by using your existing bar code system to track your advertising dollars. They simply bring in the bar coded coupon and you scan it with your bar code scanner like a normal coupon. As you build your coupon you can click the update button to view what you've done so far. Of course, you have to add it first.

Let's start by first logging into your account.

Now, click on the "Edit Coupons" button under the listing you want to add or edit coupons for.

Date Starting:
Enter the date that the coupon will become valid. This is very important because the coupon will not display until the date it can be used. It's okay to choose an earlier date so the coupon displays before it's valid, just make sure the users know by adding something to the coupon about it's valid dates.

Date Ending:
Enter the date the coupon will expire.

This is the text that will display in the middle of the coupon. It will be the largest text on the coupon.This field is good for eye catching titles of what the coupon has to offer. (Example: Buy 1 Get 1 Free! or 25% OFF)

Sub Heading:
This text will be displayed under the Heading on the coupon in slightly smaller font size. This field is good for one liners or slogans.

This text will be displayed slighly below the Sub Heading of the coupon in smaller font. This a good area for a brief description of the coupons features.

This text is good for one word eye catchers. It will be displayed in the middle right side of the coupon.

Coupon Code:
You can give your coupons there own unique codes for tracking purposes. This code will be displayed on the coupons above the expiration date.This is typically used for members that do not use the bar code system. If you use the bar code system, you may not want to use this feature.

This section will be displayed at the bottom base line of the coupon. This field is good for stating conditions of the coupon. (Example: This coupon not valid with any other offers)

Choose your bar coding system.

Bar Code:
Enter your Bar Code to print onto the coupon. If you do not how many numbers to use in the bar code field, consult your bar code manual.

  • Update-Click update to confirm and preview any changes you've made to your coupons
  • Add-If you just created the coupon, you have to click this button to add it to your listing
  • Delete-Choose a coupon and click this button to delete any old coupons

Click the browse button to search your local computer for any images you'd like to add to your coupon. When you found your image, click the upload button and your logo will appear on the upper left corner of the your coupon.

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